Academy Homes & Remodeling Inc.
450 Robinwood Drive
Robins, Iowa 52328

“Building with Academy homes was a great experience! Shawn is a fair and honest builder. He kept everything on schedule and offered great advice when needed. We never imagined building a new home could be such a smooth experience. We would recommend Academy Homes to anyone!”

Matt Hansen and Stacy Bamsey

“My wife and I looked at condos in the Cedar Rapids area for several months and chose an Academy Homes built condo because it was clearly the best quality home that fit our needs and price range. Working with Shawn during the acquisition process was a pleasant experience. Not part of the original deal was my request to add extra cabinets to the laundry area and move the existing shelf to the garage which Shawn readily agreed to do without hesitation. We have been quite amazed at how small our heating and air conditioning bills have been because of the quality windows and plentiful insulation. The sound insulation from our neighbor through the common wall is also very good.”

Bruce and Marilynn Philipp

“We have worked with Shawn (Academy Homes) on two building projects. Our first project was finishing off a basement and our second was a custom built home. Shawn has always had high standards for all the subcontractors doing the work on our homes. His attention to detail and time investment in the project ensure that he always had time to step us through the major decisions in the project and was a budget enforcer. Shawn is able to deliver a quality home at an incredible price by helping you invest where you get the biggest bang for the dollar. If we build again, it will be with Academy Homes and we don’t hesitate to drop the name to any acquaintance who is thinking about building.”

Rob and Elise Frank

“We purchased our model home from Shawn Bodensteiner and Academy Homes in October 2012 and we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision! We were upgrading to a larger home and had very specific list of features we were wanting in a new house. We found everything we could ever want in our Academy Home, so much that it feels as if it was custom built for us. From the beautiful spacious kitchen with custom cabinets, granite counters, rounded drywall corners and over-sized woodwork, the attention to detail is very apparent. This is not a home that was thrown together. It’s everything we would ever need in a home.

In the first few months we were in our home, we had a couple minor issues that Shawn took care of with minimal delay. He has remained in touch with us frequently to ensure we remain pleased with our purchase. There is no issue with service after the sale!

We are confident that we will continue to enjoy our new home for many years to come, and would not hesitate to recommend Shawn and Academy Homes to our family and friends looking to purchase a quality-built home.”

Skip and Angie Johnstone

“We wanted to take the time to extend our appreciation to the wonderful job Academy Homes did in constructing our first new home. We are extremely pleased with the builder Shawn and his contractors. The organization, structure, and knowledge of all the different factors involved were great. From the earliest of days when he helped us choose the floor plan and layout that suited our family, as well as the help and support in all the decision making involved with building a home, to the final days and details of closing. Everything was first rate!”

Kyle & Molly Dotson

“We highly recommend Shawn Bodensteiner and Academy Homes. He works closely with his subcontractors and is at the job site frequently. He maintains open communication lines and does a great job of updating his clients throughout the building process. He also provides valuable insight that assists his clients in decision-making. Shawn is a very committed builder who works in a professional manner to build a quality home.”

Scott and Carolyn Nelson

“After several months of looking for a new home, a close friend of ours, who is a realtor, suggested we speak to Shawn from Academy Homes. What impressed us most about Academy Homes was the quality and value of the homes that they build. What other builders charge extra for come standard in the homes that Shawn builds. We had a lot of questions during the building process, and Shawn was always just a phone call away. We have been in our home over a year and still love it! We would highly recommend Academy Homes.”

Brad and Jill Webb

“After having gone through a building experience with Shawn and living in the home he built for us for a few months we are 100% happy and satisfied. We did so from a distance. While living in Dubuque we contracted with Shawn to build us a home in Robins. The home building experience can be traumatic and to do from a distance and without the ability to see it daily is a big risk. Shawn assured us that one of his main goals is to make the building experience enjoyable. My years of experience with businessmen and promises was to at first see it as a marketing gimmick. With that aside our view of his product was sufficient for us to contract with him. The end result was the realization that he really means what he says. The experience was truly enjoyable and God provided for us through Shawn a truly wonderful experience and home. We would not hesitate to contract again with Shawn and strongly recommend anyone considering building check out Academy builders.”

Dan and Loie Schultz

“After relocating to Cedar Rapids, we purchased an existing house built by Academy Homes. What Shawn offered in value and quality was hard to find anywhere else. While we were originally impressed by the house, what Shawn has provided in care and service after the purchase has been immeasurable. Purchasing a completed spec home was a different experience for us as we were a part of the build process with our previous homes. Shawn has made this a positive experience and is by far the best builder we’ve worked with.”

Carmen and Amy Costable

“We built with Academy Homes 3 years ago and were extremely pleased with the quality and service. Shawn was efficient and accommodating throughout the entire building process, incorporating our ideas while also providing his professional insight and expertise. He kept us informed of any upgrades as we built and worked hard to make sure we stayed in our budget so there was no surprise in the end price the result was a quality home for an affordable price, just what he promised! We would definitely build with Academy Homes again.”

J.D. & Lori Erner

“We had always been reluctant to build because of bad experiences most people seem to have in building a house. Stories about poor quality, price run-ups, delays and bad communication tend to follow most builders. That was not the case in building our home with Academy Homes. Our home was finished ahead of schedule, the quality of work was 1st class and the price did not change. Also, Shawn does a great job staying in contact before, during and after the build, quickly resolving any issues that may arise. If we do build a home again, it will definitely be with Academy Homes!”

Tom and Beth Fox
Cedar Rapids

“I would like to let everyone know how pleasant it was doing business with Academy Homes & Shawn Bodensteiner. They always kept us informed and gave us ample time to do our research to make the decisions needed when building a new home. The quality of the products and the workmanship exceeded our expectations & they executed on everything they promised which made the transaction much easier and pleasant. We would recommend Academy Homes and Shawn Bodensteiner to anyone who is considering building or remodeling a home!”

Butch & Carole Weber

“We toured an Academy Parade House and met the builder in person, Shawn Bodensteiner, and were extremely impressed with his passion for his homes and how they are built. We decided to go with Academy Homes because of their attention to the small details that other home builder and their homes lack. We felt he would build our house not to our specifications, but to his as if he was going to live there. He did a great job overseeing the workmanship, and as picky as we were, he made sure things were finished the way we wanted. This is not the first home we have built, but was by far the best experience we have ever had. We got what we contracted for and more! Shawn is a hands-on builder that is on the site making sure things are done his way. If there were issues, he made sure they were resolved to our satisfaction without delay or inconvenience. We are glad we chose Academy Homes as the builder of our home!”

Jim and Carolyn Selfridge

“Academy Homes offers a home of excellent quality for a great price. Shawn uses reputable and efficient subcontractors that do a fantastic job. Shawn has a good understanding of current building trends and pays close attention to detail. He did a very nice job of guiding us with decisions by offering knowledge about all the choices we made. He was always there to answer our questions in a timely manner. Working with Academy Homes was a great experience and we would highly recommend building with them.”

Chanin and Tara Dirks

“We looked at new and existing homes for about two years before we decided on building with Shawn from Academy Homes. Shawn worked with us for about several months looking at lots to build on and spec homes, etc. We finally decided on a lot and a house layout and began to build in July of 2008. We were impressed with the spec homes that we had seen of Shawn’s and the fact that he spent a lot of time and effort insuring that we found exactly the lot and house layout we wanted. We were able to make changes to his layout to customize the home to suit our desires. During the building process, Shawn was responsive to our questions and addressed any concerns along the way. Our home was finished on the date he said it would be even though we had a several rainy days in the process. We ABSOLUTELY love our new home! It is a quality built home and we are constantly amazed at how quiet it is. The thing we can not stress enough is the fact is that after the house was completed, Shawn has taken care of any little thing that needed attention in a very timely manner. This means a lot to us to know that the service will continue long after we have moved into the house. We can’t think of one thing we would have done differently!”

Renee & Craig Smith

“My wife and I decided to build with Academy Homes after my wife toured the Parade home. We could tell right away that Shawn builds a excellent quality home. We had ideas of what we wanted to build and Shawn did everything he could do to make it happen. He did an outstanding job of keeping us informed on a daily bases. I was amazed with the subcontractors he used, they all showed great pride in their work. Shawn has shown great follow up after we completed the move to our new house. I would highly recommend Shawn to someone that wants to build or buy a new home!”

Mark and Lisa Pannkuk

“Building with Academy Homes was a great experience. Let me start by saying that when it comes to quality, his subcontractors and suppliers are held to a higher level than the larger home builders. His homes built with the latest technology and products. As far as picking out paint, flooring, lighting, the kitchen layout and other selections, Shawn makes it about as easy as it can be. I could not have asked for a better builder for our first custom built home. Shawn is easy to work with and very meticulous. If I ever build again it will be with Shawn for the quality, workmanship and price. I’m a union electrician and have been around enough jobsites to know quality when I see it. If you go with Academy Homes you will not be disappointed with the end product and the enjoyment you had while it was being constructed.”

Matt & Cindy Friedman

“This is the 3rd home building project we have had. Building with Academy Homes has been by far the easiest, worry free and enjoyable experience we have ever had. When our previous homes were finished and the money changed hands we were done with, even for small issues that sometimes arise. Shawn on the other hand became a friend early on as well as our contractor. He is a stickler for details and builds a very solid, quality, and beautiful home. We felt we definitely got more for our money as some of the standards he puts in his homes were considered “upgrades” with other contractors. Any minor issues we have had since moving in were promptly addressed by Shawn and to our satisfaction. We will continue to have a lasting friendship for years to come. We feel if anyone is thinking about building, contact Shawn at Academy Homes it will be the best decision you could ever make, we know.”

Ron and Karen Segriff

“We decided to build a home and immediately contacted Academy Homes because we knew they build a quality home with tons of upgrade type features included. We went to a ton of open houses and knew we only wanted to work with Academy Homes. Shawn was amazing to work with from day one, always taking time to meet in person or talk on the phone if we had any questions. From selecting the lot until the closing, Shawn was very involved in the process and kept us up to date.
When you tell people you are building a house everyone remarks how it is such a stressful experience but we did not feel that way. Shawn was involved enough to provide feedback on what he has seen work or look good together while always being mindful of your budget and giving his honest opinion.
Anyone out there who wants to build a house you have to use Academy Homes. You will not be disappointed by the service you get during the entire process and the beautiful home you will have at the end.”

The Schrobilgen Family

“We used Academy Homes to build our house and were very pleased with the great experience that Shawn provided. With great attention to detail and value, our dream home became a reality. Shawn’s houses include many additional features and he provides excellent service all throughout the process. He will always be there to help, even after the house is completed. We highly recommend Academy Homes.”

Larry & Sue Slauson

“We are very happy with our new Academy Built Home. We greatly value the time you took to work with us, as well as the effort it took to make sure that everything was right. Also, we greatly appreciate that you were able to get us in on time under challenging circumstances. We cannot imagine building with anyone else.
Thank you again!”

Carlos and Nicole

“Building our new home with Academy Homes was a great experience, and we would do it again if we had to. Shawn builds a quality home and takes the time to talk to you directly when building your home. We have been very pleased with our home and the continued service. Overall, building a new home with Academy Homes was a very positive experience!”

Curt and Deb Voves